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    5. Your One Stop Destination For Pain and Chronic Illness Management is Here


      Where Innovation Meets Nature:

      Come experience the luxurious sensations of our heated gemstone therapy mats in person. Book a session in our treatment center to discover true bliss as you relax your muscles and eliminate your pain.

      Come see for yourself the effects that far infrared rays, negative ions, PEMF, and photon lights can have on your wellness. You will leave feeling completely refreshed and restored.

      Our mats have helped and continue to help thousands of people with chronic illnesses and everyday pains get much-needed relief from:

      • Muscle and joint pain
      • Fatigue
      • Inflammation
      • Poor circulation
      • Excessive toxins
      • Soreness
      • Negative energy


      Get HealthyLine Spa Session:

      We are offering 20-minute therapy sessions on our wellness-enhancing devices at our new NYC showroom. For more information please check our spa menu.

      On top of the relaxing spa therapy session, you will also enjoy a wealth of other benefits including:

      • One on one assistance from a HealthyLine expert associate
      • A calming environment with a selection of soothing music
      • Luxurious essential oils for use during your session
      • Pre-treatment and post-treatment detox beverages
      • Complimentary wellness gifts

      To Book your session please call 212-300-5092



      Learn everything you need to know about natural therapies:

      Explore our interactive Learning Wall and get inside information tailored to maximizing your experience with our products.

      Our experts will talk through your specific symptoms and concerns to help you decide which therapy device will bring you the best relief.


      Read about the powerful therapies that make it all possible.

      Follow the links below to get a more in-depth explanation about how far infrared and PEMF therapy actually work and what they can help you accomplish for your chronic illnesses and wellness.




      41 W 36th St 1st Floor
      New York, NY 10018
      (212) 300-5092

      Hours of Operation:
      Monday – Sunday 10 am to 7 pm


      Claim your spot on the list. Come experience a new kind of health management.

      ?Your path to better wellness begins here!


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