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    5. What's in it for me?

      Earn Instant Cash

      Once you have signed up for the Partnership Program, you will be assigned a unique promotional code. You are permitted to share links, banners or other graphics we provide with your code on your site, in your emails, on social media platforms or in other communications. Spread the word! Every purchase made with your code would result in earnings into your account. We will provide you with guidelines, link styles and graphical artwork to use in linking to HealthyLine.

      Enhance Your Business

      Earn more for your business. You may own a spa or wellness center, medical practice, physical therapy office, dojo, yoga studio, or brick and mortar store. Our mats are used internationally to enhance client experiences. If you are looking for a way to grow the success of your business, the HealthyLine product line is just that.

      Spreading Better Wellness

      Our mission is simple at HealthyLine: to help people worldwide improve their quality of life, to provide a quality tool for healthier living and rethink the basics of pain management in terms of the natural healing world!

      Does any of this relate to you?

      Have you wondered how you can get involved with one of the fastest growing industries out there?

      Are you ready to spearhead the natural health initiative?

      Do you have a voice to the public or an outlet to reach an optimal amount of people?

      Have you considered how to move forward into the next income bracket?

      Is your business missing something that says, “We are the Leader in Innovation?”

      HealthyLine has created a revolution in the natural gemstone heat therapy category, in fact we own it.

      And now we need your help because we want to share in the profits so we can reach more people just like you.?

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      OneUp to 10More Than 10

      How Many Pieces Do You Plan to Buy Per Year (required)
      Don't Know YetOver 10Over 100Over 1000

      Would you be interested in first purchase bonus promotions? (Optional)
      The more you purchase in your first initial order, the more store credit you’ll get.
      $3,000 = +5% Store Credit$5,000 = +10% Store Credit$10,000 and more = +15% Store Credit

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      What else would you like to tell us about you or your business?
      Please let us know your state and best contact phone number.

      Usually, you will get reply or call from us in less than 24 hours.
      Thank you!

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